Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The dancing dust specks in the rays of sunlight coming through my window this morning. The 9 melancholy songs in a row that my ipod played to me on the way to Portsmouth this morning, the complete juxtaposition with the 10th song as The Proclaimers "I'm on my way" came on. The moment in Karma Police when Thom Yorke puts on full despair and sings "for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself."

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


That moment when you give in to the illness, drink lemsip, curl up in bed and drift off to sleep as the afternoon turns to evening around you.

Monday, January 29, 2007


365's are weird. Too often I find it easy to read through others and feel inadequate as to my own social life, friendships and good times had. (Now obviously I'm way too self obsessed but we knew that anyway.) This week I'm going to attempt paying attention to the detail that has little to do with how much fun I've had with others, quality of conversations or other such things. I'm going to attempt to dig a bit deeper. This may result in some fairly random stuff but it'll be interesting trying.

Anyway. Today's is supplied by the stretch of track just past Haywards Heath on the way up to London, the train heads out of the cutting and onto a viaduct. Either side are lush views into a beautiful green valley. This was accentuated today by the sun streaming through big black clouds. That's detail for you.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Kathy: "I looked at the fresh sausages in Sainsburies but thought, I didn't have a freezer and there were too many sausages to eat in one go, then I went to the freezer section and bought 20 sausages. It made sense at the time"
Birgitte: "In Denmark the spiders are called Peter. Well, not all of them ok, it depends on your mood."

(and the catch up chats with friends, sunshine and sparkling sea, the juicy bits of Acts 2, our new sofas and a day off.)


Relay 2:
Road trip times again, good music, laughing with J and C.
"We're staying in an orphanage, or a prison".
"God is still God and the gospel is still true".
Poverty day, realising we're not that poor.
God turning up and blowing my mind.
The Relay Staff team, family times.
Beat Box Mary, Mary Keys, Joyce the Voice and Kate.
Mobo the merciful.
Binface, she has a face like a bin.
Drives through the country with beautiful music.
Talking about God.
Chats about the real stuff of this life with the girls.
The girls seminar, seeing God at work through our weakness.
"I don't feel like dancing, no sir, no dancing today." (with a twist)
The afro boys.
Mo's talks reminding me of reality.
Anna's catwalk moments each morning.
Exciting new news.
The prayers prayed for me and Steffy by Naomi and Karen after our seminar.
Gareth as Simon Cowell.
Pete Dray's angry moments. (nobody mention Jo Whiley)
Coffee shop moments.
Karen's smiles and hugs.
Delighting in a week spent with my mates, talking about God, being reminded that I am more wicked than I could imagine but more loved than I've dreamed and getting paid for it. Seriously.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


A day of friends, laughter, crying, praying and the weird sadness of someone about to leave.


Getting excited about my 31 songs, writing and enjoying. Taking Birgitte out to the Sealife centre, followed by lovely goodbye meal for her. Lots of laughing and lots of putting off the tears moments.

Friday, January 19, 2007


Contentment. Sharing songs. Good times with students. Remembering truth and smiling.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


The legend that is Gareth Davies. Getting to tell some of my story, getting anothers perspective, smiling. Hoorah. Easy trip to the dentist. Visiting Roz and making her smile.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Pancakes, Hustle and Wine. Mmm.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Ah, the return of inappropriate laughing whilst reading the Bible in times with Jess and Ceryn. The laughter is back.

Monday, January 15, 2007


It turns out that I really enjoy my job. Also realising the journey is a whole lot longer and I'm only at the baby steps stage but being ok with that cos He is ok with that. Genius.

Sunday, January 14, 2007


"Maybe you're growing up". Perspective, not needing to sort everyone out but just being a friend when needed, and not worrying about all the stuff I can't do because I don't have a magic wand. Not worrying about being everything to everyone but grateful for the ways God works in my mates lives without me, through me and inspite of me. Reminding me as ever that it's not about me. Grin. (somebody remind me of this post in the coming days, weeks, months and years!)

Saturday, January 13, 2007


Saturday bliss. Late morning fry up in Hove, followed by entertaining picture taking on the seafront with housemates, genius amusement, trips to Asda to buy DVDs, declaring everyday a special day until Birgitte leaves. Heading off to book group, the hour spent in HMV before it buying cds, discussing deep things of life, wondering as to the meaning of it all, getting to talk about things that matter with amazing people.

Check out the residents of Fallowfield:


At staff conference:
Catching up with old friends.
Propping up the bar with Karen. Getting bought lots of drinks.
God in Isaiah. Our God now, wow moments reading Isaiah.
Binface's amazing jumping legs.
Listening to the new Indigo Girls album in Steffy B's car. Not needing to talk, just letting the music speak.
Much laughter at meal times.
Sharing my story with Cathy and Emma.
Deep chats, long walks.
Visiting Roz.
Neighbours watching, feeling like a student again skipping lectures.
Kenny: "Lets get Kath drunk."
The Quiz. Spilling the beans on my team.
Getting home to finally seeing my housemates again, amazing food. Watching hustle, laughing hysterically until far too late.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Cycling down to the beach, watching big crashing waves pound the shore. Mmm. Big waves. Indulging my inner geek this afternoon. God being kind as usual and good reminders of the reality of this life from Ruth. Epic catch up with the brother, ending with us both giggling innanely as we put the phone down. Hoorah.


Back in Hove actually. Listening to the whole of Damien Rice's first album and being astounded again by it's beauty, pain, originality and ability to make me stop unpacking and sit in a chair in wonder at the sound of it all. Fun evenings with Cathy, swapping travel stories, photos and watching the Neighbours dvd. Remember Todds death? Remember when Susan had long hair and you believed in the love between her and Karl? ahem.


Final fun moments in Prague, crepes for breakfast, final game of contract whist, views over prague and trams. Captain Douglas reassuring us on the flight and assuring us that the weather in England was "rubbish". Touchdown and the amusing small shed in a forest nature of Bournemouth airport.


Heading to the Czech mountains for some snow action.
The moment the snow actually arrived on New years Day.
Walking in winter wonderlands of Narnia proportions.
Random cafes hidden in the mountains. Sitting staring at the snow drinking hot chocolate.
Cheesy Euro pop blaring out half way up a mountain.
The moment of deep silence in a world blanketed by snow. Silence has never been so loud.
Beer tasting. Beer being cheaper than coke or water.
Time to read. Time to eat. Time to sleep.
Eshewing new year and going to bed early.
Early morning on the slopes.
The moments before falling over on my bum snowboarding.
Peace of floating above the world on a Chair lift.
Carcassone, contract whist and juggling.
Damien Rice moments with James.
Nay and Jon.
Julia's hospitality.
Pete's Czech pronunciation of the dish "Elvis King Burger".
Nights on the slopes.
The sound of snow crunching underfoot.
A week of staring at pretty mountains, hanging out with friends, eating amazing food and reading many books.