Sunday, January 07, 2007


Heading to the Czech mountains for some snow action.
The moment the snow actually arrived on New years Day.
Walking in winter wonderlands of Narnia proportions.
Random cafes hidden in the mountains. Sitting staring at the snow drinking hot chocolate.
Cheesy Euro pop blaring out half way up a mountain.
The moment of deep silence in a world blanketed by snow. Silence has never been so loud.
Beer tasting. Beer being cheaper than coke or water.
Time to read. Time to eat. Time to sleep.
Eshewing new year and going to bed early.
Early morning on the slopes.
The moments before falling over on my bum snowboarding.
Peace of floating above the world on a Chair lift.
Carcassone, contract whist and juggling.
Damien Rice moments with James.
Nay and Jon.
Julia's hospitality.
Pete's Czech pronunciation of the dish "Elvis King Burger".
Nights on the slopes.
The sound of snow crunching underfoot.
A week of staring at pretty mountains, hanging out with friends, eating amazing food and reading many books.


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