Sunday, January 28, 2007


Relay 2:
Road trip times again, good music, laughing with J and C.
"We're staying in an orphanage, or a prison".
"God is still God and the gospel is still true".
Poverty day, realising we're not that poor.
God turning up and blowing my mind.
The Relay Staff team, family times.
Beat Box Mary, Mary Keys, Joyce the Voice and Kate.
Mobo the merciful.
Binface, she has a face like a bin.
Drives through the country with beautiful music.
Talking about God.
Chats about the real stuff of this life with the girls.
The girls seminar, seeing God at work through our weakness.
"I don't feel like dancing, no sir, no dancing today." (with a twist)
The afro boys.
Mo's talks reminding me of reality.
Anna's catwalk moments each morning.
Exciting new news.
The prayers prayed for me and Steffy by Naomi and Karen after our seminar.
Gareth as Simon Cowell.
Pete Dray's angry moments. (nobody mention Jo Whiley)
Coffee shop moments.
Karen's smiles and hugs.
Delighting in a week spent with my mates, talking about God, being reminded that I am more wicked than I could imagine but more loved than I've dreamed and getting paid for it. Seriously.


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