Sunday, June 04, 2006


Waking up in the morning and thinking, ok God, so I want to sin, I want to turn my back on you, and then remembering that there has got to be another way, apparently in God is better joy than in my sin. Wanting that to be true. Picking up the Bible and reading about the amazing outpouring of God's love on his rebellious people in Jeremiah 31.

Reading The Ragamuffin Gospel in the sun and being reminded that we have a God who lavishes love on us, who doesn't wait for us to be in the 'right place' to come back to him, who just wants us and our brokenness.

Watching the OC and an AA meeting on it, realising that's all church is, us in our brokeness admitting our need and a God who longs for us to receieve.

Sitting in the Sun and listening to Paul Simon belt out the intro to "Me and Juilo down by the school yard".

Getting to the end of a long day tempted to sleep in a grump, but realising that there really is stuff to be thankful for.


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