Saturday, June 03, 2006


On a day of such sorrow, and wishing once again that I had the magic wand to take away a friends situation, it was strange, yet fitting, to realise with her such beauty and joy in the world as well. The light and dark of life sit well together. Like the rays of light that pierce through dark thunder clouds. We agreed this positive out look thing on life was good, not denying the dark and pain, but seeing the light in the days. Maybe Karine Polwart can put it better than I, "There are better days gone than those that remain, but I can find joy in the sound of the rain, you have to find joy where you can." So we reveled in chocolate cake, a beautifully sunny day, blue skies, wandering around Wimbledon Village looking at the posh pretty things in the posh pretty shops, beautiful jugs in a Kitchen shop, iced tea and traditional lemonade drunk whilst sitting on the common, talking to the one who brings meaning and light into the dark and delighting in old memories together. And of course, getting to ride in her Honda S2000. (a definite change from our Relay Days when she drove a beat up Metro...nice to appreciate the difference!) MMMMMmmmmm.


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