Sunday, May 28, 2006


(To explain the concept to the passer by, this blog is part of a wider movement dedicated to rooting out the cool in life, the good bits and the bits that rarely get noticed. Admittedly this is more easy on some days than others. There also is the danger that this may get a bit American Beautyesque, no videos of paper bags I promise. But the point is the detail, the fine tuning in a day that makes it work, the moments of life that make up the bigger picture. I'm intrigued to see if anyone can keep this up for a year, and if at the end we'll have produced something amazing, or just a list of some stuff, or maybe both. I have a desire to quantify everything that will follow, to prove it's worth by writing amazing things, being profound and significant. The challenge will be to let the moments just be and not try and dress them up in clothing that others will like or equally appreciate. The challenge is just to notice the cool stuff in a day and write it without attempting to convince others or out-do each other in the search for cool, or measure our lives by each others. But that's pretty much the challenge of most days interacting with those around us.)

It's a testament to a day when you sift through the cool stuff in your mind wondering what to put on the screen.

This afternoon. Sitting in the sun in our garden. The first meal in ages together as housemates, grabbing all the left overs in the fridge from the week and putting them in wraps. Appreciating our surrealist garden which has a washing machine and an old retro 70s swivel chair as a centrepiece. Working out how to stop the ants invading our house. Eating chocolate cake and drinking tea. Fine eye contact moments with an old uni friend, amused at how much we can communicate with facial expressions. Realizing that tomorrow is a Bank Holiday and the pressure of thinking about work tomorrow has gone. This afternoon.


Blogger -bb- said...

brilliant! utterly brilliant!

29/5/06 11:01 am  
Blogger Rachel's Small Corner said...


You may have just ruined my social life for the next 365 days... What a genius idea!!! as if Facebook weren't enough to make me happy as a social recluse!

Thanks for the message - let's be honest, we leave comments on people's blogs precisely for the reason to publicise our own... or is that just me?!?

OKay, okay, I'm not all THAT selfish - I like the online community banter and messages from people I never thought I'd see ever again!

IFESi is all new-look and lovely so far. But we're missing a Cath/Kath of any variety...


2/10/07 10:26 am  

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