Saturday, September 09, 2006


Doing this in bulk seems like the only way to do it, and as I have written nothing down over the last two weeks, what appears here will be the best bits that occur to me right now. Which as I'm exhuasted could prove interesting.

Staff lunch, day 1, catching up, much laughter once more.
Getting to tell a bunch of Relay girls to go to sleep smiling because they are dearly loved children of God, sniggering with delight as Roz talked about her new boyfriend, wanting to stand up proudly and annouce that he was my brother. Common sense holding me to my chair. The dream team in action, God at work in all our different and similar weaknesses.
Priscilla telling me the next day that they really did go to sleep smiling because they were dearly loved children of God.
Chocolate in the post.
Getting to chose Steph's pants each morning.
Meeting Pharrell.
Reading Narnia to a group of brain overloaded Relay Workers and then all of us heading off to talk to the one who loves us most.
Karen's expression at her Scottish money being turned away at the local garden centre.
Bongoing my wee heart out.
John Mayer. Beautiful guitar and lyrics. Binface Spasm Bushell. And a cd player in our room. Wonderful.
"Welcome to a year of weakness." Tim Rudge always makes me cry and remember Jesus is coming back.
My new nick name. Beat Box Mary. Oh yes.
Seeing the conference start bonding over group therapy and Ooooooooo Big Booty, bigbooty bigbooty bigbooty.
Sing a long Sound of Music. The, quite literal, jumping for joy with Steph and Anna.
Chats about God with my fellowship group. Meabh's smile of encouragement to me.
Seeing Relay workers around the place at Forum, instant bonding over: "Who are all these people who've arrived at our conference?"
The genius of breakfast avoidance making for a much more enjoyable conference.
Finally beating Midmer at a game of table tennis.
Coffee out at a posh hotel with other class of 2003 girls. We are the best year, oh yes.
Dancing until midnight with other staff girlies to classic pop post the Relay Party.
Taken out for coffee by the lovely Gareth Davies who asks all the right questions.
Weirdly convinced of the total stubborn immovable love of God as I prayed with Roz.
Graham Daniels convincing me again that it's a Good Thing to be a Christian. God's word at work again in my heart.
Singing the Lion of Judah and hearing Rico Tice again, good memories revisited.
Getting home at last, tired, ready to cry but being fed tea and chocolate by urban singleton family and watching Stand by Me.


Blogger FloydTheBarber said...

dude the look listen and learn night was so cool.
thank you!


11/9/06 4:48 pm  
Blogger -bb- said...

Forum. Yeah man. And the avoidance of breakfast is definately the way forward. sleep til 9am. yeah!

14/9/06 11:38 am  

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