Saturday, August 19, 2006


Driving home listening to the fourth Cutting Edge album. An album full of longing, wearyness and a realisation that this life is hard and long (well, apart from the somewhat cheesy Men of Faith song) After a week of Christian Sub Culture at it's heights it was refreshing to hear some honest Christian music expressing the longing to know more of our hard to get maker.

"When tomorrow has been stolen and you can't lift your head
And summer feels like winter your heart is full of stone
Though all your hopes have fallen your skin is now your only armour
Wear your scars like medals defender of the faith

Come, come lay your weary head be still my friend
Come, rise I'll place my sword upon your shoulder
Come, rise with me"

"and i'm so filthy with my sin
i carry pride like a disease
you know i'm stubborn God and
i'm longing to be close
you burn me deeper than i know
i feel lonely without hope
i feel desperate without vision
you wrap around me like a winter coat
youcome and free me like a bird
and my heart burns for you
and my heart burns for you."

"Is there hope enough these days to forgive
someone like me?
Is there grace enough these days to forgive
someone like me?"

"Can I be free from the chains of my religion?
They wrap around my head and they blind my eyes of faith
And I feel dangerous 'cos I hunger for the truth
This tightrope's swinging high"

Ah it takes me back to my teenage years.


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