Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Heading off to Ireland on a sunny Sunday morning, good tunes, a good nights sleep behind me and nothing to do but play for the next three days. Escaping never felt so good.

And some words for the searchers after the beauty of the moment in this life.

"What I find fascinating is that many of us have had moments like these when we were overwhelmed with the presence of something or somebody so- and it is hard to find the words here - so good, so right, so true, so safe. Warmth, comfort, terror- but the good kind of terror. Maybe we should say "awe". You have your own way of describing these moments.

Whatever those things are that make you feel fully alive and like the universe is ultimately a good place and you are not alone, I need a faith that doesn't deny these moments but embraces them...They are expressions of what it means to be in God's world...

Because it isn't just concerts and surfing and the high points, and it isn't just the beautiful moments in the midst of the everyday and the mundane; it is also in the tragic and gut wrenching moments when we cannot escape the fact that there is way more going on around us than we realise."
(Rob Bell- Velvet Elvis)


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