Saturday, July 15, 2006


I find it hard to write about the perfection of today. It started with waking up smiling after last night, thanking God that he has immense love for me and delights in showing that, then sitting in the morning sunshine musing on life and reality with the lovely Anna, then realising that God wants our love as humans to be inclusive and not exclusive and that means sharing friends is a brilliant thing to do, then sitting in the garden reading Anne of Green Gables whilst listening to the exquisitely sad Eddi Reader, then having an old uni friend and her blokey come over. We drank tea (she introduced me to tea), went to an amazingly wonderful tea shop by the Sussex Downs and sat in a sunny courtyard eating fine food, we then went to a farm shop and bought cider from a barrel. Some very sunburnt moments later we sat down for dinner, ate steak pie and drank cider and then had a conversation that I've dreamed of having for so long. I shared my life with her in ways I've never done before. I'm still slightly gobsmacked and a bit weirded out by the whole thing. (clearly I now think that my plane is going to crash on Wednesday, when I go to Bulgaria, as I've had such wonderful moments. My brain is weird, or possibly addled by the cider.)


Blogger Steffy B said...

Haha! I always think that when good things happen to me! "Well, I guess that means a.)I'm about to die or b.)something crap is about to happen.
I think that MAYBE, God is just good and he likes doing nice things for us, cos he loves us...

22/7/06 5:22 pm  

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