Thursday, May 17, 2007


I can't help noticing that the end is approaching, only 7 more days of this blog. I wonder what will happen then? Will I return to my old blog which is gathering cobwebs over in some other corner of this internet thing? (does the internet have corners?) Will I forget the good stuff if I don't write it down? Will I go back to being a cynical old bag in the corner? (corners feature a lot in this paragraph). Ah well, these questions can wait for a weeks time.

As for today: Looking after the lovely Lou, figuring out our video player so we can record Hustle tonight and back to drumming, hitting things with nothing else to think about. The thought that tomorrow is Friday and that can mean only one thing... It's nearly the freakin weekend baby. (which I'm looking forward to a silly amount considering I've only worked 4 days this week...)


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