Friday, April 06, 2007


Back in Skegness.
The same God at work on my heart.
"You're funny and you love the Bible, a winning combination" (hehe)
The genius shirt and jumper on-stage-at-word-alive outfit.
Wooping a lot.
Melinda's bags full of wine and chocolate, skegness survival is sorted.
Sitting in the team lounge chatting to anyone and everyone.
Tea, chocolate, tea.
An old mentor seeing the change in me. (grin)
MC hammer with my impact group.
Singing "When peace like a river" twice.
Zippy meeting Roger Carswell and Marcus' desperation to get in on the photo action.
Knowing who it's really all for.
Running along the beach Chariots of Fire stylee.
Old friends.
"We're the mediocre ones- not too good to promote, but not too bad to sack!"
Crying at a God who holds, keeps, knows, understands and so much more.
"I don't want to be a statistic, I don't want to become a middle of the road Christian."
Another Mark Stone 'Content' moment.
Marcus' prayer reassuring me it really is all about God shinning out.
"Does anyone else think that Kath looks like the lady from the Kingsmill adverts?" (presuming they meant Sue Perkins and I am happy)
Loving the BIble.
Home to a world beyond Butlins, back to parental hugs and knowing.


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