Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Chatting to Steffy B online this afternoon.

Hoveactually: What are you doing tonight?
Steffy B: Nothing
Steffy B: :-(
Steffy B: What are you doing?
Hoveactually: Nothing :-(

Later that evening, talking on the phone and the door bell rings twice. Who could it be? The one and only Binface on my door step! Steph B came to play, she is Brilliant, as is well documented, but Brilliant because she drove down from Peckham with her guitar and we played beautiful music together, drank a bit of beer, ate nice food, did a pop quiz and enjoyed listening to a sad melancholic song. All the things we love. Hoorah.


Blogger Steffy B said...

Hooray for me! Just realised I missed this day out when I did my 365, so about to amend it!!

3/12/06 9:55 pm  

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