Friday, November 10, 2006


Realising that I'm not where I once was, I have grown over the last few years and the old feelings aren't around at Team Days anymore. Glad to know that change is happening. Glad to know the Maker of the universe. Looking around at the team as we sung Blessed be your name, choked up at the realisation of what it really costs people to sing that. Praying we carry on acting on the reality we know to be true. The delighted conversation on the way home with Ceryn about how brilliant each member of the team is, the constant refrain of 'I love our team'.


Blogger terry said...

just wanted to say that i like your idea of putting a little of what happened each day at a blog...
i'm going to give it a try, too..

i've got a few other blogs, but they are for ministry stuff...

but kinda excited about putting a thought or two down about the day

13/11/06 11:40 pm  

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